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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Stores in California

Vinyl flooring merges the latest fashions with great function. This attractive, enduring family of manufactured flooring offers up stunning solutions for every room. At 47th Place Carpet One Floor & Home in Madera, CA, we can help find the ideal flooring solution to meet your everyday needs. We promise you’ll love our selection of nature-inspired visuals and incredible construction with our expansive inventory of vinyl flooring products.


Types of Vinyl Flooring


Modern vinyl flooring is manufactured in both plank and tile form. If it’s a realistic hardwood texture you’re seeking, look towards luxury vinyl plank. Do you love the look wide-plank hardwood, but your space isn’t exactly suited for such flooring? It’s your lucky day with vinyl plank. Vinyl plank truly has it all: realistic patterns and textures, durability, and ongoing ease. This amazing alternative to natural hardwood continues to grow in popularity.


Since they are both different at heart, it’s unfair to compare vinyl plank directly to hardwood. However, we can tell you that in certain instances – especially when moisture and heavy foot traffic are thrown in the mix – vinyl plank is considered most desirable.


From its layered composition to its resilient topcoat, these perfect planks are a wonderful flooring option for kitchen & bath, laundry rooms, finished basements, and other areas prone to moisture or humidity. Easily “clicked” together to form a floating floor, vinyl plank doesn’t require nails or adhesive. It is easy to clean and take care of and is soft and gentle on your feet and joints. Unlike hardwood planks, this flooring won’t shrink or expand from climate fluctuations. Select varieties are even 100% waterproof.


Posing beautiful flooring options that you’ll love looking at and can easily live with, vinyl tile offers ongoing style and ongoing endurance. Smart, stylish, and bringing ongoing value, vinyl tile is great for all types of residential and commercial interiors. Comfortable to stand and walk upon, and compatible with all types of climates, vinyl tile is as soft as it is strong. Vinyl tile is available in all your favorite nature-inspired patterns and textures, whether you’re seeking a wood look or prefer the style of stone or traditional tile. From traditional textures to trendy extremes, there’s a vinyl tile that’s perfect for your space, budget, and functional needs.


Although traditional tile has long been a favorite flooring for public and private interiors, life has sped up since then, and many of us long for a simpler way to floor. Vinyl tile is a wonderful alternative that will never feel like a compromise. Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, climate extremes, splashes, and spills, vinyl tile is also extremely affordable and easy to care for.


Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?


Tell moisture to meet its maker: it’s easy when you opt for smart, stylish waterproof vinyl flooring. Allowing you to enjoy the signature visuals of natural hardwood - yes, even in your finished basement or laundry room- waterproof vinyl flooring is the answer to all your pressing décor challenges. With waterproof vinyl, you can experience all the looks you love, in both tile and plank form. Durable and easy to care for, you won’t ever again worry about a pet accident or an overflowing shower.


WPC flooring, or wood polymer composite flooring, is taking the industry by storm and for good reason. WPC is one of the only floors that can call itself truly waterproof thanks to its core composition. It’s ideal for homes prone to heavy foot traffic and frequent accidents.


Waterproof flooring is always in high demand. Recent technology is generating huge advances in the flooring industry with the creation and improvements in flooring materials. WPC flooring is a wonderful addition to all types of interior settings. It’s a low-cost waterproof flooring option that’s extremely durable and features a scratch resistant surface. WPC offers the most realistic wood look visuals around. What separates WPC from similar wood-look products is that WPC is dimensionally stable, easy to care for and maintain, and reduces noise from foot traffic. It’s also extremely versatile when it comes to where you can install it.


Vinyl Flooring Installation


Vinyl floors are intended for perfect installations in all types of interior spaces. There are beautiful looks suitable for any family size, budget, or daily activities. Waterproof types of vinyl are strongly advised if you have a large family or roaming pets.


Smart, stylish, and ever-so-sensible vinyl flooring remains one of the most popular hard-surface floors. A floor fit for our busy lifestyles vinyl’s appeal continues to grow as word of its prowess spreads. This means more homeowners are scheduling vinyl flooring installations.


A well-prepared site is the most important thing you’ll want to have in the days leading up to your scheduled installation. That means paying close to your existing subfloor. Carefully remove all bits of debris, staples, old flooring, or padding. A full-on scrub down might follow, along with a close inventory of the remaining subfloor. For best results, we advise filling in any uneven spots, cracks, or debris.


Our Luxury Vinyl Selection


47th Place Carpet One Floor & Home boasts incredible purchasing power and variety, offering all your favorite flooring brands. Please visit us soon at 1717 Howard Road in Madera, CA, to learn more about our vinyl flooring options or shop us online today.                                   



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Caring for Vinyl Flooring


Engineered to trap stray splashes and spills at its surface, vinyl flooring keeps moisture from seeping into your subfloor. Simply wipe away the day’s little accidents and go about living.




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