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Hardwood Flooring Stores in California

Luxury meets everyday living when natural hardwood floors are involved. A high-class home indulgence that’s heavy on form and function, hardwood flooring has a much to offer.


At 47th Place Carpet One Floor & Home in Madera and Oakhurst, CA, we’re here to help with all your hardwood flooring needs. With a bevy of brands and hundreds of enduring options, having hardwood flooring is well within your reach.


Best Hardwood Flooring Styles

Whether you’re trendy or traditional, there are countless hardwood flooring options to consider. From weathered and rustic wide planks to sleek, glossy floorboards, hardwood flooring fits any style. Choose your favorite sizes, finishes, colors, and stains.


Types of Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is manufactured from both domestic and exotic tree species. Domestic species include pine, oak, and maple; exotic options include eco-friendly bamboo and cork. As you browse our offerings its critical to remember that every hardwood species is different in terms of hardness levels and graining variations. Our experts can help you find the right fit based on your budget, activity levels, and functional requirements.


What is Engineered Hardwood?

Traditionally seen in historic homes, solid hardwood is a perennial flooring favorite. Each solid hardwood plank is sourced from a single chunk of high-quality lumber. Solid hardwood floors are easy to refinish and can last for decades if you take care of them. Remember, however, that solid hardwood requires a consistent relative humidity level and fares best in dry, quiet rooms set on or above grade.


For busy families or moisture-prone areas, consider using an engineered hardwood flooring, instead. Made in multiple layers, engineered flooring is highly compressed for a denser fit that’s very forgiving. Engineered hardwood flooring is great for pet owners. It can be installed below grade and even works in a finished basement.


Hardwood Flooring Installation

Installing a hardwood floor adds tremendous value to your property and will outlast other flooring options. A professional installation is strongly advised to get your hardwood floor off to the best start. Solid hardwood flooring shouldn’t be used in kitchens or bathrooms – or in any space prone to extreme moisture.


Our Hardwood Floor Selection

47th Place Carpet One floor & Home is a proud member of the world’s favorite independently owned/operated flooring cooperative. We offer an exciting inventory of solid and engineered hardwood floors, and our experts can help you plan for a floor you’ll love living with. To learn more about hardwood flooring, please visit us soon in Madera or Oakhurst, or shop our hardwood online today.


More on Hardwood Floors 


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Caring for Hardwood Flooring


Having hardwood flooring requires dedication

and commitment on but it need not be intimidating. Here

are simple guidelines for preserving your hardwood floor

and getting the most of your recent investment.






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