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The Look of Love: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to hardwood flooring, admit it: you love the look, but you’re not too crazy about its upkeep expectations (or its price tag!) Fortunately, you no longer have the compromise your vision in the name of practicality. Unlike the vinyl of your grandparents’ era, today’s luxury vinyl  flooring (or LVT flooring) is made to last an entire lifetime of luxury. While both budget-friendly, modern day vinyl can be made to appear nearly identical to natural wood or stone.

Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

All luxury vinyl flooring options are considered water resistant, but there are some that are waterproof. Learn more about WPC flooring, which is a waterproof flooring option.

Discover Our Luxury Vinyl Selection

With our comprehensive collection of luxury vinyl flooring products, 47th Place Carpet One Floor & Home is your local hub for vinyl flooring and related services.We have Carpet One exclusive brands such as Invincible H2O.  Be sure to visit us in Madera or Oakhurst.

Advantages of Luxury Vinyl

COREtec flooring luxury vinyl flooring

Nature Inspired

Want  the  look  and  feel  of  wood,  but  hate  the  thought  of  eventually  polishing  or refinishing your floors?Luxury vinyl might be just the thing for you!  Unlike actual wood, this flooring won’t sustain scratches, scuffs, or stains. 

Mannington Adura Max luxury vinyl flooring

Just Add Water

Wooden  floors  can  expand  and  contract  from  regular  exposure  to  moisture,  but that won’t happen with your new luxury vinyl floor. Made  to  resist  moisture, you’ll simply wipe up any accidental spills...then get on with your day. There are even some varieties of luxury vinyl that are water resistant at the core. 

Invincible H2O waterproof flooring

What Not to Wear

Life may occasionally wear you down, but your luxury vinyl floors won’t, ever (we promise.) This stuff is built to last-even when you share your space with pooches or pint-sized humans, you’ll never stress over surface damage.