The Karastan Difference

Read about Karastan and what makes it different from any other carpet

Karastan Products

SmartStrand Forever Clean

SmartStrand Forever Clean is the only carpet with stain resistance that lasts a lifetime built into the core of the fiber. Other carpets use topical protections that wash and wear off over time.

SmartStrand Silk

Choosing softness doesn't mean you have to give up performance. Karastan has packed more than 700 silk-like fibers into one yarn that is ultra soft and incredible durability.

Why is Karastan the best type of carpet?

Taking flooring and soft surface in a bold new direction, Karastan introduced American’s to the concept of walking in comfort. With innovative ideas that formed the industry standard, their products stand the test of time to make your home, beautiful.

Karastan SmartStrand Carpets are 

  • Durable
  • Functional
  • Offer Pet Protection

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